Mouse Support Change in tmux 2.1

tmux was updated to 2.1 on both Arch Linux (of course, it’s rolling!) back in October last year.

NOTE: homebrew for OS X was pretty quick, too.

I started to notice warnings when spawning the first tmux process.

/home/terry/.tmux.conf:65: unknown option: mode-mouse
/home/terry/.tmux.conf:66: unknown option: mouse-select-pane
/home/terry/.tmux.conf:67: unknown option: mouse-resize-pane
/home/terry/.tmux.conf:68: unknown option: mouse-select-window

It didn’t affect anything so I didn’t give a shit (hit enter and ignored it) until I’ve had enough of the warning.

It’s time to pay down the accumulated technical debt ;-(

Looking at the changes, I immediately realized it was the incompatible change below:

Mouse-mode has been rewritten. There is now no longer options for {mouse-resize-pane,mouse-select-pane,mouse-select-window,mode-mouse}. Instead a single option mouse which turns on mouse support entirely.


Remove all incompatible mouse-* options and enable mouse support with set -g mouse on.

Reload the configuration file :source-file ~/.tmux.conf.

NOTE: everyone should have bind-key R to do this.


An example ~terry/.tmux.conf