systemctl isolate && systemctl restart blog.service


I am resurrecting self-hosted personal blog, tweets are often instant spark of thoughts like spring, quick fun but hard to search and reference when needed. Contents and opinions of value should be saved and stored properly, in a better form, static pages are simple, indexable, searchable and can be easily hosted

So ssh, let me touch:

6$ sudo -i systemctl isolate systemctl restart blog.service whoami


Year 2020 turned out to be beyond most people’s wildest imagination. It’s 404 * 5, the whole world has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 outbreak. The world has NOT seen a pandemic at this scale since the 1918 H1N1 pandemic.

For Sydney (Australia), even worse, hit by the devastating bush fire across the country, worst in 30+ years, along with drought, followed by flood. Elements of magic: fire, water, earth, lightning, thunder… Human beings are so small in front of nature, let us show respect and be in awe of Mother Nature.

NOTE: 404 has special meaning for people live inside the GFW (or massive censorship), it can represent disappeared key words, posts (content of any type) or even human being.

Pulling all tweets, sync using cron job, or download and load archives periodically sounds viable. However, there is no good front-end UI (people like Linus and myself, look up, hmmm… can’t do UI). Indexing tweets using Elastic Search, visualise and analyse using Kibana sounds funky but apparently an overkill for someone who’s no one.

So, shorter blog posts, higher frequency & quality is the way to go. Furthermore, as the master of self-hosted blog with root of underlying infrastructure, I am the real owner of my thoughts (contents). echo 404 > /dev/null

Everyone (with extended family and loved ones) stay 200 (OK), stay healthy & safe.